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HEY GUYS..it has been quite long time i never update my blog. please forgive me on my fault..yeah i dunno why it must be so..but what im totally sure is..MY MOOD DISAPPEAR ! ok straight to da point today i would like to post about BEAUTY..err maybe sound likes cliche  perhaps..urgh forget bout it! ok guys..wherever you go..whatever you do.. da first thing that might attract you is beauty right? even when you wanna fall in love with somebody,beauty always be your criteria in order to choose your couple... base on my experience life, da obviously thing that i have seen,most of us judge beauty base on physical appearance..let say.if u have sharp nose likes hollywood star,tall n slim like miss universe,dolly eyes like barbie..n da flawless skin as cotton..wow absolutely people will say "" hey gurl,you are so pretty..""even though in their conversation while chatting, they always give u great compliment..furthermore in your fb wall..the compliment comments could be see vividly..however let's say if u are in da middle..not too pretty..not too handsome or charming.. what are the most expression that always u facing on? im sure these kind of words frequently familiar on your ears.. ""everything is perfect on her..but just one slack she's chubby or another term she's podgy.."" ""eeww she's like a negress,out of my list okeyh!"" or maybe they will dispute if there are some people admire  you.. SO DISGUSTING BEBEYH....

    As long as i grow up,i realize that,beauty has very pervasive meaning n very subjective..you know what,when u become a hot stuff base on your beauty..actually you just put yourself in danger.. is not too good actually coz there are a lot of ""evil" people envy you..n waiting to drop your reputation.. YEAH maybe u will said..GO TO DA HELL! U ARE NOT MY BUSSINES!! but wait...there are a lot of cruel tricks. sometimes you have never think bout its..CAN U IMAGINE HOW U WILL SURVIVE IF OVERALL YOUR FACE N BODY TURN SCALD AFTER WERE SPLASHED BY ACID??  OR BECOME DISABLE AFTER GOT AN ACCIDENT?? of course u will said..no..no..no..OMG!!.. please remember there's nothing impossible in dis world..any problem could happen in twinkling of eyes dear..your faith is not on your hand but on LORD(THE ALMIGHTY)... 

      the true beauty comes from your benevolent heart,your pure soul..your nice behavior...this always be permanent ..im still remember,during i were in form 5..i had learn about ""sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare"" for my english literature..there some qoute;  
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
 which mean...even though his beloved has gone,her beauty will always lasting forever and still maintain even become older day by day..n her beauty will immortalize as long as people read this poem..wow that's so romantic n cool.. back to us.. WHICH BEAUTY U ARE PREFER MORE?? internal or external?? better u choose both,but if u couldn't..juz be thankful  to GOD..don't be sad..common unleash your aura n boast up your confident!try another alternative,such as improve your style or give a magic touch-up on your body. One more thing you don't need to be someone else..just be yourself..because you worth it.. you are the most simpleton person when you abuse your beauty for wrong way..
let's check it up this song..enjoy your beauty guys!!lalalala

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