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 subhana-ALLAH!..eyes therapy..

 SALAM.. hello guys! fancy meeting with you all again on my blog! i try to update my new entry as soon as possible if i have leisure...ok guys..i get  an inspiration to write my entry about the occurrence that happen on my life recently.. for your information,i just past two paper for my final examination..BELL 120 stand for english paper and CTU 101 stand for islamic education paper.. well ALHAMDULILAH for everything..but it doesn't mean ""yeahh i get my freedom totally"".  Since i was in primary school, i am not a nerd person that always be friend with books..i am prefer to study last minute..maybe it sound weird. in fact it is a negative behaviour actually.. haha who's care?? that my habit! LOL..don't make me as your role model okeyh.. till now even i am university student, it still remains same.. 
During the first day i had sat my examination, i got a bit of nervous. On my schedule,its said that our exam will start on till 11 am.So i guess i might be ok when i arrived around 8.45 am. However, i got a damn surprise because all da candidates had already stand by inside the hall(DST)..owh shitt!unfortunately i had to sit  the first table  in the row..urggh i felt so embarrassing.. by hook or by crook the most paramount thing was i had to finish my paper! When i answered my paper,i realized i cannot consider english paper easy as ABC. it required my understanding not for that kind of words whereas for the whole passage. i admit till now i am still in the process to improve and enhance my english..that is why i decide to write my blog in english as da alternative. I just a country girls which my ambiance mostly comes from middle family n native malay. So, the usage of english is not pervasive and make me difficult to practice.Moreover i always get meager mark during examination. Beside that, get B+ for english while SPM  are made  me extremely upset. Absolutely, it needs my endeavor to boast up my spirit to learn english. Thus, i really hope i still have chance to upgrade my english. One of da alternatives is strive for A not A- for bell 120 paper. I just can do my best but everything i succumb to ALLAH to grant my wish.

my dear reader,our life is not like a bed of roses.. sometimes they happy time will come and go quickly without our conscious friend told me that carry mark has came out. we are supposed to check in i-learn to know its. once again, i am hurting inside after got my carry mark for CTU 101.. the obviously thing that i can conclude mostly my friend get 40 and above for their mark and the highest is 46/50 if i not mistaken. wow they are so superb coz getting flying colour for carry mark.  i am just get 38.5/50 instead.. urgh can u imagine how much should i score for my final if i wish to get a A for my paper?? i dont wanna to talk about A- coz we are moslem, i think it so worst seem like u are pagan(non-muslim) if u get such that mark. haha how about if you get b and below?? maybe you could classify  yourself as what?? i hope you get my hint.. unfortunately, all of this i getting know after i sat my ctu 101 exam.. it's too late babe!!if i could reverse the time i will........... 
hmm i embark to seek the mistake,which is my fault to get such that horrible mark. then i find it..the assessment mark!yeah that's its! when i compare my mark with other, my group get the lowest mark among us. Our lecture has deducted 5 marks from 15 mark. OMG! over seyh.. and i pretty sure the reason why she do so. I still remember we were the last group that submit the just one day late than other..everything got worst when one of member in my group did not give her commitment and she did not complete her task.. as result  the other members and i had to sacrifice burn in midnight and stay up till early morning to cover back her task..   fucking damn hurt  actually and we were countenance a lot of obstacles in order to finish up our assignment.My tears began to swell if i try to remind back the past. just God know our feels .However past hardship teach me how to handle future setback better. Since that day,i try to avoid from involving with uncommitted  person when wanna have a group.

Finally, i decide to be ''REDHA" on my faith..there are blessing in disguise perhaps.. blame the other on my failure is just to no avail, and it does not change anything. God mostly know what are the best for me..who's know maybe i will  witness a miracle on future..Beside that, i get a bit of release after i asked an apology from my friend..maybe it not my fault or maybe yess..i just comment for jokes n does not mean nothing but maybe she took as serious.. im really feel guilty if make someones hurt, because im also a sensitive person. praise to ALLAH everything gonna be ok back and i get my tranquility.To my beloved reader, do not dwell on the past,welcome our new day positively instead!!

i suggest you all to check up dis video,there are a lot of lessons from di:

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