Isnin, 13 Februari 2012


it almost 3.06 am now, but i still stay up and da sense of sleeping seem like abandon me again.. i dunno what happen on me tonight..i juz fell so relaxing and all my stresses has disappeared away.. Actually, the real prob is I miss fucking damn much to my parents, and of course including my "Gemuk" and 'Hitam''  da super- duper -dolly -cute kittens that i ever have so far.. I don't care if u label me as pampered  child, whatever!! i can't change your mind coz it's so hard to anticipate..  FOR ME, it juz enough if i may stare to their face and hear their voices... THAT'S A BIG RELEASE FOR ME...hahaha when i am writing dis entry now,my kittens is wisecracking among themselves!! so naughty and cute...

u know what, when i lend my ears to listen my friends' probs, i gain thousands lessons from their nurtures me how to appreciate whatever things that i have already.. it also enlighten me the REAL meaning of GRATEFUL as a servant of ALLAH..  what i pretty sure, no matter what kinda of my parents,THEY ARE THE BEST FOR ME FOREVER... who else can replace them?? even though if i would have hundreds years more,i bet nobody can challenge them..  well i not focus on my self is general..  no matter what happens,the true love from parents to their children will never been destroyed.. sometimes, the children give venom, but parents  will reply by diamond....   Hmmm  i thought i was the most unlucky person when i stressed,but i was totally wrong fact there's a lot people out there are suffering the extreme hardships than me..

guys!! let's say if u were destined by having a hot-tampered father( relevant) that always curse you with those kinda "bastard words"  when getting mad., thrashing you such a livestock and punish u without mercy in front of public..  absolutely it's the most unforgettable  nightmare if u go through the same path right? and  who should be arraigned if that particular child become simpleton and dumb?? whereas his/her own parent always prays for him/her with the ribald words... did they forgot about each words came out from their uttering would be present as pray for their child??  OMG!! i'm really feel sorry to that ''Innocent  child"...hmmmm i can't  imagine myself if  i on the same shoes... thus, according to this lesson, i realize that i am so lucky by having mom and dad till at this moments.. and they are not such that types..They always do love me even though they could not cater all of my desires.. because they are just human, they are not perfect same as well as me

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