Rabu, 21 Mac 2012

Nagling Alone 1

I don't know what should i do
I'm fagged!fagged! fagged!
seeking u make me despair 
melting in the  air
dis really not fair

perhaps da stars around u 
so lucky! so groovy!
while I'm still stranded in the black curse
we are different 
it is true nor a hue
i'm wailing juz because
they happy but we aren't

Stop chasing me silly-damn dream!
u hurt me cause its so annoying
give me a vague shadow
when da wind start to blow
die before da death
starring without nothing
hence, heart is ostracized

embark on Tweeter juz in vain
cause of what??
sometimes, da truth might be venom
 why u must emerge?
just a rainbow during rain,
but when sun emit the shines
u disappear again.

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