Jumaat, 6 April 2012

Love In The Train

I don't want to talk about lovey-dovey couple..cause I'm pretty sure all of you very familiar with that kinda of story. So, today I just try to give something special and fantastic! I would say that it just S.W.E.E.T moment@ TRUE LOVE  that was stumbled up by me at a sneak peek during I got the opportunity to be a passenger in KTMB Train. When I simply sit back while feeling  restless damn to arrive at Segamat from Kluang, my luminous eyes suddenly catch up this scene.It's really touch my deeply heart and I do remember this till now...how sweet they're...

Actually I don't know who they are,what their name and whatsoever.. I just could bet with you that they are MALAYSIAN. Even though I just a Johorian Malay but I still pay my respect to them.Hmm I guess they are Kelantanese perhaps..cause I wouldn't figure out what they're talking about,I mean different Malay's dialect. I really interested with the boy who is upholding his youngest brother..You  know what.. He is a Chinese boy! At the first I time I saw him, I did glanced several times in order to identify his gender, sound funny isn't? But I just a bit confuse cause there's Kain Batik apparently cover his lap. I could see vividly his true love and his commitment also on his brother. He attended his brother nicely until that baby stop crying. REAL BROTHERHOOD!!  Then, the cute granny also stole my attention! She has kept chatting with primarily auntie (wearing yellow-blouse at  the front sit) in Kelantanese's dialect. Basically, It is something  new for me  cause of  I'm a native Johorian. That particular guy (wearing stripes-tshirt) also look awesome + charming  when he ate Nasi Lemak.. Wow  the sense of 1 Malaysia is extremely fill up every edge of this ambiance. Love it!!

Owh my little-sweet-girl! You must appreciate your grandpa after you grow up soon. He love you fucking damn much baby! He has gurgled you non-stop and I witnessed clearly by my sight. For your information peeps, there are all a Chinese family definitely. I wonder she should be proud with her super-groovy-grandparents! when their grandchildren wandering forward,her granny( wearing grey-blouse at front sit) would take care her, and when she moved backward her grandpa would watch over her. I can't  describe my feeling...it so hard to express in single word form. I just crave ear to ear smile as a blissful sign and I whisper in my heart ' I AM SO LUCKY WAS BORN AS MALAYSIAN, WE  LIVE IN HARMONY & PEACEFUL  EVEN WE ARE MULTIPLE-RACES,hope it will be forever and ever' 


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