Ahad, 17 Jun 2012

BEL 311: MONDAY 11 JUNE 2012

I dedicate this entry special for BELL 311

It was a fantastic day which BEL 311 became my first class..yeah  blur's mood still stalked in my head. However when my BEL 311's lecture came in, everything returned to normal back. At first, I were so nervous cause I thought my lecture Miss Zuraidah bt Sumery was a strict person. Later on, I could conclude that she might be ok plus  funny person actually. So as usual,we as her student must be respect on her and never and ever trying to cross her limits. Instead it just jeopardize our marks! so beware guys!!

Hmm what the things that I liked most in this class?? Oh peeps, can you guess what is that?? well I would say I'm pretty love to hear my lecture voice during she speaking. I bet,she is so fluently and I love to hear her dialect. That was so amazing! It seems like she a  native English women instead she is a pure Malay women. On top of that,she frequently introduces us with a new vocabularies and provides us with appropriate pronunciation some english words. At least, we as JBM 1123D's students may identify our mistake just like in Oh My English Channel..

At the end of class we had some activities. Of course an outdoor activities! It was so cute when we hold each other hands in one circle and then asking each other in term of conversation. Actually Miss Zu wanted us to enhance our speaking skill. This is because,she have stated that we must  speaking  English in her class. No Malay words either we have to speak with her. Everything must in English!fuhhhhhhhhhhhh O,o''

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