Khamis, 27 Disember 2012


WANNA BE A GREAT SINGER OR DANCER??  common do click here!

Super Star Live- Special for those who like singing and dancing

SuperStar Live, a massively multiplayer online karaoke and dance game where you can showcase your creative musical talent and shine. This game is Free 2 Play, so let's download and give this game a try!

NAK RM100000 FREE?  RM 100000 WAITING FOR U!!common do click here 

MISI: 'Brainstorm' untuk Komuniti Anda. RM100,000 Menanti!
Bayangkan idea ANDA untuk Malaysia yang diimpikan menjadi REALITI (dan anda dihadiahkan RM100,000)!

 MYSTERY OF KG. WELLINGTON!! click here to know further

VIDEO: Uniquely Named "Kampung Wellington". Heard About It?

Find out what Petronas employees, students and affiliates were up to in Kampung Wellington!

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